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Wicklein Original Nurnberger Lebkuchen Gingerbread Cookies 3 Varieties 7.05 Oz.

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Wicklein is a leading Lebkuchen producer from Nuremberg, a city known for the best gingerbread.  A signature European holiday treat! Gingerbread has been made in Nuremberg, Germany for more than 600 years. The traditional recipes have been refined over centuries, adding exotic spices and other fine ingredients, which arrived via ancient trading routes from many countries.

Since 1615, Wicklein master bakers have produced fine gingerbread specialties. Following traditional recipes and using the highest quality ingredients allows Wicklein to offer delectable treats that please people of all ages. Christmas really begins with Original Nuremberg Lebkuchen cookies. 

This box contains 3 varieties; plain, iced, and chocolate. 

Net wt. 7.05 Oz. 

Product of Germany

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