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About us

The company was founded in 2013 by Nimnual and Tom Jurgensen. The family's passion for fine foods extends back to 1935 when Tom's father founded the Jurgensen's Grocery Company, a gourmet food chain market in California. Nimnual, or "Tim" as everyone calls her, and her family also owned a Thai grocery market for many years in Los Angeles.  As these businesses ran their course, they both moved into other fields but they never lost their interest and passion for unique foods.


A word from the founders:

We started an online business by selling on Amazon and eBay. Developing Secret Pantry LA has been a labor of love for us. Our two grown children, Evan and Taryn, have also been a big part of this journey.  Together we have put together a collection of foods from around the world to share with you.  Most of our items were selected simply because they are very tasty but many are here for their uniqueness and others because they are so difficult to find! Customer service is in our genes. I hope you enjoy our hand-picked selections.


Tim and Tom Jurgensen