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ThaSiam Boat Noodles Nam Tok Spicy Herb Soup Instant Dried Vermicelli 114 g. (Pack of 2)

ThaSiam Boat Noodles Nam Tok Spicy Herb Soup Instant Dried Vermicelli 114 g. (Pack of 2)

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Boat Noodle is a famous street food and most beloved dish in Thailand.  Searching for a great Boat Noodles place is amongst the Thais most favorite things to do! They would travel a great distance just to enjoy a bowl of delicious Boat Noodles!  

Tha Siam Boat Noodles is the next best thing you can have without having to go the distance.  Tha Siam is a famous noodle shop and has been serving noodles in Bangkok for over 20 years.  Now available in instant noodle pack, you can enjoy the boat noodles available in 4 flavors at your own home.  They are so delicious and you won't be disappointed! 

Tha Siam Nam Tok with Spicy Herb Soup comes with instant dried rice vermicelli, flavoring sauce, seasoning pack and garlic oil.  For best result, add meat and vegetables of your choice.  These are our recommendations:  Beef or pork and/or beef or pork balls.  For vegetables add bean sprout, water spinach (On Choi/Onchoy), spinach or shredded cabbage and top with chopped green onions and cilantro (optional).

    In all noodle shops in Thailand you will see a condiment set consists of chili vinegar (in different forms), fish sauce, sugar, and ground roasted dried Thai chili available at all tables.  Although Tha Siam Boat Noodles have already come completed with a lot of flavors, you may wish to add any of the condiments mentioned for more flavors to your taste.  

    Qty: 2 X 114 g.

    Product of Thailand