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Saturnus Caramel Coffee Syrup  375 Ml. / 12.68 Fl. Oz.

Saturnus Caramel Coffee Syrup 375 Ml. / 12.68 Fl. Oz.

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Saturnus Coffee Syrup will add a new dimension to your coffee! Suitable anytime of the day especially when you want to make a special treat to yourself or impress your guests.  

Saturnus is a family owned business dedicated to creating delicious beverages with high quality since 1893.  Saturnus is the oldest and largest producer of mulled wine and aquavit in Sweden with a focus on locally sourced spices and ingredients. All products are created with attention to detail, carefully selected ingredients and with a tradition of craftsmanship that has been passed down for generations.

Flavor:  Caramel

Recipe for Caramel Latte:

1 double espresso
2-4 cl Caramel syrup
20 cl hot steamed milk
Pour espresso and syrup into a glass and top with hot steamed milk.

Net Wt. 375 ml / 12.68 fl. oz 

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