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Kathi Black Forest Cake Mix 14.6 Oz. (415 g)

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Kathi German Bee Sting Cake conatins all the main dry ingredients you need to amke this delicious famous German Black Forest Cake.  The scrumptious dark chocolate cake is layered with sour cherries and whipped cream, and topped with premium dark chocolate shavings and cherries.

You will need to add eggs, water, sour cherries, and heavy whipping cream.

Kathi Rainer Thiele GmbH is one of Germany’s leading baking mix brand, a winner of numerous innovation and quality awards. The mixes enable home cooks to make great tasting and impressively looking cakes and pastries. They require just a few fresh ingredients and three simple steps and contain superb, GMO free ingredients sourced from domestic fields. Kathi is a testimony to Germany’s high quality, artisan baking traditions.

Net Wt. 14.6 Oz. (415 g)

Product of Germany