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D'Arbo Wild Lingonberry Sauce 14.1 Oz. (400 G) (Pack of 2)

D'Arbo Wild Lingonberry Sauce 14.1 Oz. (400 G) (Pack of 2)

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The Darbo family first began producing fine preserves and fruit spreads in 1879. Even today, D’arbo All Natural Fruit Spreads are prepared in Tyrol according to traditional family recipes.  Only the best fruits, without preservatives whatsoever, are gently warmed through and stirred to retain natural fruit flavor.

D'arbo Wild Lingonberry Sauce with its natural sweet and tart flavor is ideal topping for pancakes and ice cream, or complement to poultry, pork, and wild game. 

High fruit content: At least 50% fruit content in fruit spreads (60% in Lingonberry Sauce) provides unforgettable taste.

Cane sugar only:  Fruit spreads and sauces are sweetened with only cane sugar (no corn syrup or glucose is used).

No preservatives:  High quality fruit is gently heated and stirred to preserve its natural flavor without preservatives.

Ingredients:  60% Lingonberries, sugar, lemon juice concentrate, pectin

Net Wt. 14.1 Oz. X 2 

Qty: 2 jars
Product of Austria