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Daelmans Mini Caramel Stroopwafels Single Pack 24 Pieces Special Valentine's Day and Mother's Day Gift

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Daelmans Stroopwafer Wafers(Caramel Waffles) are popular classic Dutch Caramel Waffles made of high quality ingredients and prepared with the greatest care.  The best stroopwafels in the world! Soft toasted waffles filled with caramel or honey, cinnamon and real bourbon vanilla. Put it over a cup of coffee or tea or dunk it and enjoy it the way the Dutch do.  

This special gift box is filled with 24 pieces of Daelmans Mini Caramel Stroopwafel single packs. It is a perfect bite size snack. 

With Valentine's and Mother's Days in mind, the mini wafers are boxed in a white gift box tied with rose color grosgrain ribbon.  It makes a perfect gift for love ones! Please note that the ribbon color can be changed to suit your occasion.  Please contact us. 

Product of Netherlands