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Hafi Swedish Blueberry Preserve 14.1 Oz. (400 ml)

Hafi Swedish Blueberry Preserve 14.1 Oz. (400 ml)

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 Hafi Blueberry Preserve is a light preserve from wild Swedish blueberries, gently heated and stirred with sugar.

Hafi’s story began in 1938 and since then remained at the top. This family-run Scandinavian food company believes that if you put the best ingredients in, you get the best taste out. Throughout the production process, Hafi uses elements that are hand-picked to ensure its sustainability. Hafi’s production is widely known all over the world ranging from a wide array of jams, chutneys, marmalades, and still drinks, which are renowned for their high quality and unique flavor profile. Through the course of its existence, Hafi refined the very best Swedish nature has to offer and invested heavily to meet increasing customer expectations and quality standards.

Net Wt. 14.1 Oz. (400 ml) 
Product of Sweden