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Trader Vic's Hot Buttered Rum (Hot Toddy) Batter Mix 9.9 Oz.

Trader Vic's Hot Buttered Rum (Hot Toddy) Batter Mix 9.9 Oz.

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Celebrate your Winter holiday tradition with this famous Hot Buttered Rum or also known as Hot Toddy Batter mix by Trader Vic's, the world famous restaurant and bar chain!

Hot Buttered Rum is another classic winter cocktail that often served warm in the Fall and Winter and is traditionally associated with the holiday season in United States, similar to Tom & Jerry and Eggnog. It's a sweet, warm beverage flavored with rum, brown sugar, butter, and other spices.

Trader Vic's came up with his own Tiki version and has been served in his own restaurant. It's typically served in a ceramic skull mug and to be come "Coffee Grog". The batter was also used as a basis in other warm alcoholic drinks of his creation such as the Northwest Passage and Hot Buttered Rum Cow.

Simply add 2 teaspoons of batter into a preheated mug, 1.5 ounces of Trader Vic’s Rum, fill with boiling hot water and enjoy! Also tasty with bourbon or brandy. Try it with hot or steamed milk. Delicious as a coffee sweetener.

Net Wt. 9.9 oz.

Product of USA