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Butterfly Pandan Flavoring Extract 25 ml. (0.8 Fl. Oz.)

Butterfly Pandan Flavoring Extract 25 ml. (0.8 Fl. Oz.)

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Pandan Paste, also known as pandanus extract or screwpine paste, is a delightful flavor with a unique scent that is used throughout Southeast Asia, especially in Thailand (known as "Bai Toey"). 

Pandan (screwpine pandanus) is a type of plant that grows in many tropical regions in Asia. The leaves have a sweet, unique flavor that enhances both desserts and savory dishes. The leaves are long and bright green, and when pounded or ground, they lend a sweet taste and aroma to many Thai desserts, drinks, cakes, and pastries.

Butterfly Pandan Flavor Extract is the perfect, multipurpose flavor enhancement for use in baking, ice cream, drinks, and various desserts. Can be used to make cookies, cakes, pastries, and breads! Artificial flavor. 

Product size: 0.8 oz. 

Product of Indonesia