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Riegelein Hollow Chocolate Snowman 4.4 Oz. (125 g.) Each

Riegelein Hollow Chocolate Snowman 4.4 Oz. (125 g.) Each

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Riegelein Confiserie is one of Europe’s leading chocolate brands founded in 1953. These 4 adorable Snowman Buddies will help you brighten your holiday spirits!   Each one comes with removable colorful knitted beanie in 4 different colors and slightly different outfits and scarves,  They are hollow chocolates made from the finest ingredients. 

Please choose the beanie color choice from the drop down menu.  The outfit and scarf color will vary.  

It is perfect as gift for the holidays and also an ideal item for stocking stuffer. 

Snowman Dimensions: 2.5" X 2.25" X 8.5"  

Made in Poland with German chocolate

"Seasonal item limited availability!

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