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Japanese Kit Kat ONSEN MANJU Limited Edition 12 Mini Bars 4.1 Oz.

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Limited edition, Kit Kat Onsen Manju by Nestle Japan. Onsen Manju is a traditional Japanese treat that is sold near most hot spring areas in Japan. Onsen Manju means "hot spring steamed buns" and are steamed buns filled with a sweet red bean paste. Nestle has recreated this snack in the form of a Kit Kat by inserting red bean cream in between traditional Kit Kat wafers and wrapping them in light brown chocolate that is flavored like the steamed buns.

Traditionally, this Onsen Manju Kit Kat has only been available near popular onsens throughout Japan as a souvenir snack. However, due to the extreme drop in tourism, Nestle Japan has decided to make these Onsen Manju Kit Kats available to everyone for a limited time only. 

Nestle Japan is donating 10 yen from each bag purchased to the Japan Tourism Association. 

Each bag contains 12 mini bars individually wrapped. 

 Product of Japan