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Japanese Kit Kat BANANA CARAMEL Limited Edition 12 Mini Bars 4.1 Oz.

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Limited edition, Kit Kat Banana Caramel by Nestle Japan.  When combined banana, caramel, and chocolate, they are perfect and a winning combination! Bittersweet chocolate and caramel with a hint of tropical banana layered in between soft and crunchy wafers.   Seasonal flavor, only available for a very limited time! 

Each bag contains 12 mini bars individually wrapped. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  As the weather gets warmer, it becomes more difficult to guarantee that the chocolate will arrive in good condition. At temperatures above 82°F (28°C), the Kit Kats may melt slightly in transit.  We will try our best to protect them as well as possible but regretfully we cannot be held responsible for any temperature-related damages caused during shipping. 

You may request to ship the Kit Kat in an insulated box with ice packs which will cost extra.  Please contact us for further details.  Thank you for your understanding.

 Product of Japan