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Keow Savoy Mango Fresh Thai Green Mango 4 - 4.5 lbs.

Keow Savoy Mango Fresh Thai Green Mango 4 - 4.5 lbs.

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Keow Savoy (Kheow Sawoei, Kheow Savoy or Kyo Savoy) is considered a high quality mango that set a high standard for green mango in Thailand.  It's rare and usually has a very high price in local markets.  The fruit are long and slender in shape.  When ripe the skin is dark green.  The flesh is firm, crisp and sweet and is eaten like an apple.  When fully ripen the flesh can be slightly pale yellow and it becomes soft, silky texture and sweet with a delightful fragrance.  It can be enjoyed both ways.  

Keow Savoy is a great healthy munchy snack.  It's seasonal and only available for a very short period.  A very special treat for those who knows it! 

Each order you will receive approximately 4 -4.5 lbs. of mangoes which can be between 5-7 mangoes depending on size.  The size of each fruit will vary from large and small.  Due to the nature of fresh produce we cannot guarantee that they will all be the same size and ripeness.  The texture will become softer as it gets ripen.  Some may have natural blemishes.  We will try our best to send the best possible. 

To ensure freshness all out of state orders will be shipped FedEx 2nd Day Air.  Orders within California and surrounding states will be shipped USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground. 

Tip:  Wrap each fruit in newspaper and keep them refrigerate to enjoy them longer.