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Fresh Rambutan Seasonal Limited Quantity 2.5 lbs.

Fresh Rambutan Seasonal Limited Quantity 2.5 lbs.

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Rambutan, a unique funky looking exotic fruit with bright red hairy spikes some with green tips that look threatening but are actually soft and pliable.  It is a small tropical fruit growing in warm humidity climate in Southeast Asia.  You will find them on all over street markets when in season. 

The taste of fresh rambutan is sweet and a little bit of sourness in one bite. Rambutan's flesh has a jelly like texture and very juicy and refreshing flavors.  It's cross between lychee and longan. 

*Note: To ensure freshness we normally don't stock this item therefore it may take a few days before we can ship your order.   

Product will come from either Guatemala or Mexico.