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Thai Mangosteen Fresh 1 kg. (2.2 lbs.) Seasonal Limited Quantity

Thai Mangosteen Fresh 1 kg. (2.2 lbs.) Seasonal Limited Quantity

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 Mangosteen, " Queen of the Fruits", is an exotic, tropical fruit with exquisite flavor, slightly sweet and sour flavor. It grows widely in Southeast Asia but can be found in various tropical regions around the world.  

The fruit is sometimes referred to as purple mangosteen because of the deep purple color its rind develops when ripe. In contrast, the juicy inner flesh is bright white.
Mangosteen offers many health benefits due to its rich supply of nutrients, fiber, and unique antioxidants. It's considered a Superfruit!


  • It has a high antioxidant power, which causes it to eliminate free radicals, which cause cellular aging and cancer.
  • One quality to highlight is that 84 types of xanthones have been found in its composition (aloe contains 3 xanthones), which are biologically active molecules that fight viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites.
  • It contains high levels of potassium, a fundamental value for proper muscle and nervous system function.
  • It is considered antibacterial, antiviral, and sham. Increases defenses and contains vitamin B12, which improves the nervous system and liver metabolism.
  • It has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-tumor properties. Recommended for people with hypertension and helps to raise energy levels in the body.
  • The pulp and rind of this fruit is rich in hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that inhibits the creation of fat, prevents excess cholesterol in the blood, causes a greater feeling of satiety and can be used as treatments against obesity.

With each order you will receive approximately 1 kg. or 2.2 lbs. Quantity will vary depending on the size of the mangosteen.

*Note: To ensure freshness we normally don't stock this item therefore it may take a few days before we can ship your order.   Due to the nature of fresh produce, we cannot guarantee 100% perfect fruits but we do guarantee 85% perfection!